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Buasir or hemorrhoids/ buasir are swelling in the veins located in the rectum and anus. When these bulging veins are irritated, they cause surrounding membranes to swell, pain, burning, itching and bleeding. Hemorrhoids/ buasir are caused by too high blood pressure in the rectum, causing blood vein walls stretch or "give" and bulging. Sometimes it can be broken, especially when straining.

Types of Piles/ Buasir

Internal hemorrhoids/ buasir
Typically, this hemorrhoid/ buasir pain and itching is not because it is located deep inside the rectum. Internal hemorrhoids/ buasir are not dangerous but straining and disturbance from the passage of stools during bowel movements can injure the delicate surface of the hemorrhoid/ buasir and cause bleeding. You will see drops of bright red blood on the tissue paper or in the toilet bowl. If this happens you need to get medical help, because blood may come from other sources such as tumors or colorectal cancer.

External hemorrhoids/ buasir
Hemorrhoids/ buasir is the type that we always hear these symptoms such as pain, burning and itching of the anus. If piles/ buasir are pinned (cuts off blood supply), a clot will occur in it cause it felt very sick. Thus symptoms that cause this type of hemorrhoids/ buasir requires attention and medical treatment. Once the vein rectum stretch or give, and the occurrence of hemorrhoids/ buasir is difficult to have it removed or fully removed. These piles/ buasir will come back even with pressure or a lighter burden than previously.

The main causes

Always sit
Straining (hard stool or constipation)
Sitting on the toilet too long
Severe cough
Lifting weights
Anal sex practice by the heterosexual and homosexual.

Risk Factors

You have a higher risk of getting piles/ buasir if you: -
Having family members who have piles/ buasir Pregnancy Experiencing extreme and prolonged cough Straining during defecation. This is the most common reason for getting hemorrhoids/ buasir.

Signs and symptoms

Soft lump or lumps of can be felt around the anus. Itching or burning around rectum.Bleeding, drops of bright red blood, especially after or during defecation followed by a burning pain and pain


Avoiding the above things can prevent you from piles/ buasir. Practice the following tips:
If your job requires you to sit down, once in a while you have to get up and walk around at least 5 minutes every hour. Mobile-move in your chair to avoid direct rectal pressure.
Always exhale as you strain or when lifting something. Do not hold your breath.
Get early treatment to control cough, diarrhea and constipation you as hemorrhoids/ buasir often develop after prolonged problem.
Make a rule: No reading or resting on the toilet. If your bowel movements take more than 3-5 minutes, there's something wrong. If you want to avoid yourself from hemorrhoids/ buasir, bowel habits practiced good. Keep your stools softer.
If these steps fail you have to act quickly. Constipation is a condition in which in the morning his condition was moderate but when the sun went down it can be very sternly.


You first have to identify the cause, then you stay away from it. There is no point you treat hemorrhoids/ buasir is then you resume the practice that has created this situation. When you have eliminated the factors causing your hemorrhoids/ buasir, then then you can treat it. There are two goals for treating hemorrhoids/ buasir. First stop the symptoms or the symptoms (pain, burning, and itching). The second is the hemorrhoid/ buasir shrink.
Sitz baths (soaking the rectal area in warm water) for 15-20 minutes, 3 to 4 times a day. The treatment is very simple and effective way to achieve both of the above goals. You can buy hemorrhoid/ buasir creams and suppositories to eliminate interference and pain but it can not shrink the hemorrhoid/ buasir. To shrink the size of the piles/ buasir, topical medications are useful. Cleans the entire rectal area with warm water every time you have a bowel movement and use bulk fiber laxative (bulk fiber laxative) to soften the stool. This may prevent you from straining during defecation.
Many people use bulk fiber supplements daily to prevent recurrences of hemorrhoids/ buasir. But keep in mind that the bulk fiber may take several days to work. If you are suffering from hemorrhoids/ buasir and hard stools you may need medication or laxatives that can soften your stool immediately to prevent you from straining that may aggravate your hemorrhoids/ buasir.
For piles/ buasir that can not be cured by treatment konsevatif, standard treatment is conducted that bind with rubber ring (rubber band ligation). One or two rubber ring tied around the base of the hemorrhoid/ buasir. This will restrict blood flow to the hemorrhoid. Within 7 to 10 days will be off out of hemorrhoids/ buasir. Bonding rubber ring is used only for internal hemorrhoids/ buasir only. It is done without anesthesia and does not cause pain. But you may experience some discomfort for a few days.
Infrared coagulation - Infrared radiation is emitted for one or two seconds to stop the blood supply to the hemorrhoid/ buasir. You may feel some warmth during the procedure and there is little bleeding a few days later. The procedure is same as the rubber ring bond, done only for internal hemorrhoids/ buasir. But it is much faster and less risk of infection.
Elektrokoagulasi bipolar - This procedure is also known by the name Bicap, is the same as Infrared Coagulation procedure and it has the same advantages and disadvantages.
Laser therapy - a laser beam will vaporize the hemorrhoid/ buasir tissues. But these procedures are more expensive and do not show any advantages over other procedures prosuder-. It should be carried out carefully in terms of the depth and location to prevent bleeding and pain to the patient.
Surgery is usually done as a last resort when the two types of hemorrhoids/ buasir are becoming more severe and other treatments are not successful. These methods are effective but patients have to stay in the hospital a day or two and take a long time to heal as compared to other approaches. You should also consult your doctor for a fast acting treatment that quickly get to the root problem of hemorrhoids/ buasir such as creams, oils, suppositories, wipes, and ice treament are temporary and many times can irritate the surface of the anus.
Aggressive treatment as described above should be able to cure hemorrhoids/ buasir in a few days. But it may take 2 to 4 weeks to fully recover. If not, you should see your doctor and discussed with him. Medical problems inflammatory bowel disease or intestinal infection can mimic the symptoms of hemorrhoids/ buasir. Therefore, if your condition persists despite receiving treatment basically, you should see a doctor.

Self Management

Drink a lot of water at least 1.5 - 2 liters per day
Eat a balanced diet: eat a high fiber, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.
Use the toilet on time like after waking up after drinking a large glass of water.
Avoid food that can cause interference (spicy foods, alcohol) or that can stimulate bowel (coffee or tea).
When there are certain symptoms (eg, blood in stool, rectal pain or disorder), consult your doctor.

Sesiapun anda.. jika dah terkena masalah ini pasti segera ingin penyelesaian masalah buasir berdarah. Kesan negatif dari kehilangan darah semasa proses buang air besar atau lebih teruk ianya terus berdarah tanpa henti.


Kehilangan darah ini menyebabkan kelesuan dan badan hilang tenaga dalam keadaan yang amat berbahaya sekiranya timbul komplikasi jangkitan kuman. Tambah berbahaya bagi pesakit yang sukar sembuh dari luka dan pesakit diebetis.

Segera dapatkan rawatan pakar atau anda boleh cuba DISPILES untuk pemulihan buasir.

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